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Quinta-feira, 26 de Abril de 2007

This is for You, My Friend



Porto - Passeio Alegre





My dear friend Typo Queen



I'm very glad because I met you in person. I really am.


And that sunny saturday afternoon will be lodged in my head for good. You've just confirmed what I thought about you: a very very wise lady, with your feet on the ground, very proud about your husband and kids.


We talked and talked about everything... Your life, my life... our chats in Crossroad... I even discovered that you have a beautiful singing voice that brought me to tears when you sung Christina Aguilera's "Hurt"


I tell you what: I've already learned to like you and respect you as a good friend since Crossroads' chat times. Now I tell you that this feeling became stronger.


I am very proud of having you as a friend. A real one, in flesh and blood now.


I will always remember that saturday as one of the greatest days  in my life.




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Música: "Song Sung Blue" (Neil Diamond)
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